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About 1M Studios

1M Studios is a Winter Park, Florida-based creative effort started in 2003 by Peter Marra that is focused on video & film production, web development, graphic design and more.

At the core of our work is the belief that everything creative is a collaborative journey that answers the following: Who is our client? What makes them unique? What are the best methods to telling their story? How can we collaborate to create work that we’re proud of?

There is no formula. Our process has sometimes included sketching out ideas on napkins; Hours researching historic photos with the Library of Congress; Wearing out the eraser end of of more pencils than you can count; Hanging off the edge of a 4-story building to get a specific shot; A lot of duct tape; So much coffee we stained our own web site (see below).

Simply put: we love embracing the creative process from start to finish.

What I Do…

Video & Film Production

Animation & Motion Graphics

Web Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Search Engine Optimization


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